Stephanie’s first “real job” was with How To Manage A Small Law Firm as RJon’s Executive Assistant, while she was still in college five years ago. She quickly learned the business, was passionate about helping the firm grow, and took on more responsibility at HTM. After graduating with a degree in Finance at the end of 2016, Stephanie moved from sunny Miami, FL to Seattle, WA to work for Amazon, where she spent a year working with retail vendors to optimize their products on the e-commerce platform. It was an invaluable experience but ultimately, she’s inspired by all of the dedicated entrepreneurs that are Members of HTM, and is motivated by being able to do work that helps them live a better life.

Today Stephanie is proud to lead the company’s community building initiatives. Her goal is to reach even more lawyers with HTM’s message and education, and help them all build thriving businesses. Stephanie lives in Miami, FL with her ferocious 4 lb. dog, and likes to sit by the pool, read, and exercise during her free time.