Russell is a statistics, metrics, and data expert who has experience as a software engineer specializing in automating operations and financial systems.

Russell started his career as a statistician, analyst, and software engineer. After graduating at the top of his class at the University of Miami in accounting, Russell transitioned to a finance career and earned his CPA certification. With these credentials, he began automating the accounting processes. He designed and implemented these customized solutions for over 20 small businesses across multiple industries. Next, He was named controller of a company managing over $2 billion in assets, including the oversight of the trading and portfolio management departments. Before joining HTM, Russell advised several tech startups as Fractional CTO and consulted with companies transitioning their software systems to the cloud.

When he isn’t working, Russell plays hyper bullet chess, pets his cat Kee whom he’s allergic to, bets on MMA fights, and networks with the local Miami blockchain developers and entrepreneurs.