Renee Cheatham has held a variety of positions including Executive Assistant, Staffing Manager, and Gatekeeper for companies such as Soldier’s Angels and Operation Homefront. Renee’s ability to connect and build long lasting relationships with leadership has enabled her to progressively grow in her career and has set her up for success in vastly different environments. Renee is most proud of the experience she was able to gain working with veterans and intellectually disabled communities. This work has allowed her to see life through different eyes and gain a different understanding of people, a perspective that has supported her throughout her career. In her spare time, Renee is a voracious reader, enjoys knitting, experimenting in the kitchen with baking and trying out recipes for diverse cuisines from different cultures. Renee is a lifelong learner who is always seeking ways to expand her knowledge and improve not only her own life, but the lives of the people she comes into contact with.