Kristi has held a variety of Marketing Director positions including Integrated Digital Marketing Director and was previously with another large tax incentive company as an Executive Marketing Director where she was responsible for building a marketing department from scratch. Kristi has worked in a variety of industries primarily in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and business consulting. Her favorite thing about marketing is that it’s always changing and continuing education in this field is a MUST! She loves working alongside, leading, and collaborating with other marketing creatives and is most proud of her accomplishments in copywriting. After attending U of H for a career in graphic design, she quickly learned that if you don’t have a message that resonates with the audience, then the most beautifully designed piece will never get read. Kristi has spent many years reading and enrolling in outside courses to expand her knowledge in copywriting.  

In her spare time, Kristi enjoys gardening, specifically planting milkweed to ensure she does all she can to help save monarch butterflies. If she isn’t gardening, she is usually on the softball or baseball field cheering on her kiddos. Her daughter is a pitcher in competitive (year-long) softball and her son is also starting competitive (year-long) baseball this year (also as a pitcher). Her oldest son recently moved to Arizona and is living his best life mountain climbing (and trying to give his mom a heart attack every weekend). Kristi has been married for 16 years to Anthony Hughes who has been in sales as long as Kristi has been in marketing, so you can be sure there are some great conversations around the dinner table (i.e. behind every sale there is a great marketing campaign… 🙂).