Tatyana Begun Headshot

Tatyana Begun
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Tatyana Begun started her professional career by joining one of the Big 4 public accounting firms, auditing public and private companies in financial services sector based in New York area,  helping Fortune 500 Companies improve their financial reporting and their internal control practices. She eventually became a CFO for a boutique hedge fund managing assets ($500AUM) of major university endowments, such as Yale, Dartmouth and MIT, providing superior investment returns and shareholder value to the fund investors.

Tatyana then spent a number of years working for GE Asset Management as a Chief Compliance officer overlooking the regulatory, internal and external reporting for over 200 GE mutual funds’ accounts. The publicly traded mutual funds report and publish their market closing prices daily, so Tatyana was responsible for ensuring that the pricing models are working properly and the reporting to the general public is timely and accurate.

Eventually, Tatyana moved into the professional services space by becoming a COO/ CFO for a major international law firm (headquartered in Paris, France), overseeing the operations of some 25 law offices in Europe, being responsible for over 3,500 fee-earners across the globe, generating annual revenues of some 300MM Euros. In this role, Tatyana had led the law firm through a complete financial reporting overhaul and reengineering, developing next generation KPI metrics, budgeting tools and uber-sophisticated Business Intelligence Systems.

Tatyana has traveled extensively throughout her career, having lived in Vienna, Austria for a year, Zurich, Switzerland for over a year and most recently being based in Paris, France for almost 9 years, where she was transferred by her law firm employer.

Tatyana has recently transitioned into personal/life coaching career, having written and published a self-improvement book for women going through difficult time in their lives. She now lives in New York area with her son Nicholas and spends her free time doing things like running, yoga, cooking and, of course, trotting the globe and writing about it in her travel blog.

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