Sherrie Brown
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Sherrie lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and dog.  She has three grown children and 3 adorable grandchildren.  Her entire family lives in the same city, all within a few miles of each other and none of them would have it any other way.  Family is very important to all of them.

Sherrie loves to travel and try new experiences.  Her most recent trip was a 35-day trip to Europe.  Her biggest adventures involved taking leaps of faith; once on a solo parachute jump and once on a tandem parachute jump off the side of the Jung Frau in Switzerland.  She and her husband have taken their children to Walt Disney World since they were very young, and they still enjoy taking everyone, especially the grandchildren.  It never gets boring because with the young ones around it’s like seeing it for the first time through new eyes.  She firmly believes that one can grow a law business that includes plenty of time for family and doing what you enjoy.

Sherrie has volunteered with the American Red Cross with her husband and children since 2011.  They respond to local residential fires and provide aid to the affected homeowners.  She and her husband have been deployed numerous times to national disasters such as tornadoes, floods and hurricanes to provide much needed hot meals to those who have lost everything.

Sherrie has been a law office administrator for over 25 years.  During that time, she helped develop systems, policies and procedures for 3 very fast-growing law firms.  In 1994, Sherrie began her career by going all in with her husband, James, to grow one of the largest consumer bankruptcy firms in the Midwest.  It was a challenging start because the firm experienced growth rates over 100% per year and soon found itself in desperate need of staff, training and procedures to make sure a high-volume firm did not drop any balls.  The firm went from just she and her husband to 5 attorneys and over 18 support staff to help manage the workflow necessary to file over 1,500 cases per year.  In 1996 and in 1998 they duplicated this in two other cities using the same systems, policies and procedures.  Those two offices soon became the top filing bankruptcy firms in their respective districts with both offices earning well over 7 figure incomes.

By 2008, the Detroit and Kansas City offices were sold to the local managing partners as they wanted to focus on St. Louis by adding another practice area representing consumers against abusive bill collectors.  At its peak in 2010-2011, the St. Louis office grossed almost $4 Million annual revenue.  In 2014, Sherrie’s husband sold his interests in the firm to actively pursue a coaching career, leaving Sherrie plenty of time to stay home and take care of her 3 grandbabies – Max, Daisy and Olivia.