Robert Meltzer
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Bob Meltzer is an innovative business leader with deep experience in launching high-growth start-ups, e-commerce businesses, law firms, legal departments, and law practices.

Bob’s first law job was with the World Health Organization (UN) in Geneva, Switzerland concentrating on public international law, international contracts, and international copyright

Upon returning to the U.S. Bob launched his first private law practice. With a goal to develop an international law focus Bob, and with no work pipeline, he started out knocking on the doors of foreign banks, literally. Soon he grew his practice to a point where he was able to merge into one of the larger and older Chicago law firms.

As a partner of this firm and Co-Chair of its International Practice Group he continued to develop his and the department’s practice and added another practice area, immigration law to the firm’s practice. At the time since immigration law services had long been relegated to only boutique firms, this marked a shift in the industry paradigm by offering immigration law within a large general business practice firm.

During that time, Bob transformed his law career and became an early innovator in the legal services field. Bob founded and built, the leading provider of online global immigration application services, the first of its kind into a 200-employee company and leader in immigration law with annual revenues exceeding $20MM.

In late 2017, Bob next launched and grew the Lawyer Exchange, a peer to peer freelance lawyer platform, designed to connect lawyers with lawyers and create a community of legal support throughout the United States. The Lawyer Exchange helps modernize the practice of law by enabling lawyers to find the associate lawyers they need immediately and easily via mobile or online access on a low risk project-by-project basis. In less than 2 years membership has grown to 3,500 lawyers.

These experiences, plus his background as a partner in several law firms and building successful legal practices, has given him a full scope of executive leadership, operational management, and business development skills in marketing, sales, production, human resources and finance that could be applied in any industry, but, particularly in the legal profession.

Bob joined HTM because he loves to help others build their careers and their businesses. Bob served as an adjunct professor of law helping students and has sat on various Boards helping businesses. He is excited to help our clients with his experience and problem-solving skills.

Bob spends almost all his free time with his young family with a lot of activity at home and away and lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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