Paula De Franco
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Paula earned an MBA from the University of Miami, with an emphasis on organizational behavior and leadership. In 2020, she received her PhD in Psychology with an emphasis on consciousness and leadership. An existential theorist, her research conceptualizes a dynamic systems framework, a tool for identifying individual sub-conscious blind spots.

An innovative business leader, Paula’s unique skill set includes identifying and capitalizing on market trends domestically and internationally. Paula blends strong business development and leadership skills with operational experience, resulting in process improvements that enhance performance and ultimately the bottom line for small law firms, and non-profit organizations.

Paula has long standing roots in the legal industry, beginning as a receptionist at a large firm and growing into different roles over the span of two decades. Some of the roles included legal assistant, office manager, business development director and operations manager. Her innovative and unique skill set targets a mindset grounded in transformational growth. While working in the highly competitive field of law Paula increased revenue through the implementation of data mining strategies and the cross-selling of services. One such project aimed at expanding via global marketing strategies which included orchestrating events in Costa Rica, Colombia, and throughout Europe.

Paula divides her time between Wilmington, Delaware and Coconut Grove, Florida where she lives with her partner and best friend. She enjoys hiking, cycling, gardening, writing, and spending time with family (family and friends).

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