Lisa Blaylock
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Lisa Blaylock comes to HTM after owning and managing a consulting & coaching business for the past 7 years. With an educational background in Accounting and Finance, she began her career in corporate America with large companies, and developed her skills in finance, accounting, and management. Along the way, she took on assignments that allowed her to discover her true purpose and calling – that she loved people more than spreadsheets! This has taken her on a path over the years to honing her expertise in training design, development, and implementation, executive coaching, consulting, business process improvement, change management, and project management.

After working with consultants during her tenure at these large corporations, she recognized a need in the marketplace to engage small to mid-size companies in consulting projects. Her belief that these companies had meaningful work that they were not capable of staffing within their organizations drove her to strike out on her own, starting a consulting firm to serve this market.

During these 7 years, Lisa has helped one small company increase revenue by more than $250K annually after conducting a financial analysis of their job costing models and implementing pricing changes. She worked with another company to document processes, procedures, and job duties for their accounting functions. Another client credits her with “saving his life” after she aided him in conducting a work study with better staff utilization.

Lisa lives in Memphis, Tennessee and enjoys spending time with her daughter traveling and discovering new restaurants. Her other hobbies involve music and theater and she’s even been known to engage in these joys in an amateur capacity.

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