Kimberly Jurich
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Kimberly K. Jurich is an author, speaker, certified leadership expert and founding partner with the John C. Maxwell Team. With over 17 years experience in sales and sales management, Kimberly knows how crucial a business plan accompanied by a sales & marketing strategy is for the success of any business. Kimberly has first hand rebuilt a failing territory for a 3/4 of a billion dollar manufacturer, generating several million dollars of profitable revenue at a local branch level. Kimberly achieved this success when many people were complaining about the economy. After consistently exceeding annual budgets, and being among the few recognized yearly as a top performer nationally, Kimberly was promoted to the position of General Sales Manager for the South East. In this position, Kimberly was responsible for the growth, development, and mentoring of both independent representatives that own their own businesses as well as internal employees. The annual revenue of this territory exceeded over 65 million dollars annually.

While attending a writer’s workshop, Kimberly had the privilege of being recruited to join the John C. Maxwell Team as a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with one of the world’s top leadership experts. It is within this team where Kimberly was mentored by John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Roddy Galbraith, Ed DeCosta, Christian Simpson, and several other internationally recognized leading experts in the fields of leadership, coaching, public speaking, and training. Shortly thereafter, Kimberly founded a business consulting firm. It was here that she cultivated her passion to help business owners to foster profitability, growth, and success through sales, marketing, training programs, content writing, and consulting services.

Kimberly prides herself on meeting her members where they currently are. Then through identifying where they want to be, provides straight forward accountability, expertise, and insight to guide her members to new heights breaking through their terror barriers with extreme clarity and purpose. When Kimberly is enjoying time off, you can find her somewhere near the water, on her yoga mat, or reading.

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