Juan Faura
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Juan Faura has been a student of humanity throughout his professional career. That desire to understand what makes people tick, what engages them, and the reasons they make the decisions they do, has been the catalyst for his professional success. After earning a BS, an MBA, and a JD, Juan began his career working in the criminal court system in San Diego, CA.

He eventually decided to follow a path in the business world rather than practicing law. He began his career as a researcher, helping Fortune 100 companies like Pepsi, Nike, and GM, to find insights on how to best engage, communicate with, and sell to consumers.

He then went on to serve as a consultant helping organizations to utilize the insights gained through research to develop campaigns and all the necessary creative assets to run them, as well as the best and most effective and efficient media to run them in.

He launched his own advertising and marketing agency. The agency started with 2 employees and 500 sq ft of office space and grew to have 72 employees and $10M in revenue in 8 years. The agency had as clients organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies, to small, local startups and worked with marketing budgets ranging from $15,000 a year to $70M

After succeeding in the agency world, Juan went to work on the corporate side. He built marketing departments and sales force from the ground up, something that necessitated attracting and hiring top talent, as well as mentoring them to be successful.

Juan finds incredible satisfaction in mentoring individuals to optimize performance and grow professionally, personally, and financially. He thrives in roles where there is a challenge to grow a business beyond what anyone thought possible and to mentor individuals to become the best version of themselves. It is here that years of conducting research on how people communicate and make decisions, truly come to bear.

Juan has written two books on multicultural marketing and lectured on the topic at a variety of venues, including industry events, and universities. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and dog-a 160 lbs pound French Mastiff (the dog in Turner and Hooch). He enjoys spending time with friends and family, taking his dog to the park, playing competitive chess, going to the movies with his wife, and creative writing. He has written two novels, both psychological/legal thrillers.

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