Jessica Corrigan
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Jessica Corrigan has spent all 20 years of her professional development in the legal industry. In that time, she has become an expert in the operational philosophies, constructs, methods, and procedures that build, organize, and maintain professional service corporations from retainer to resolution. After gaining her bachelor’s degree studying science, Theology, and language at Marquette University, she pursued her passion for law by indoctrinating herself in law firm administration, gaining deep technical acumen in Legal Business Analysis, Project Change Management, Budget and Resource Management, Work Process Improvement, Workflow Management, Legal Support Staffing, and Legal Work Product Assurance. In that time, she has gained broad expertise in Intellectual Property, Employee Benefits, Worker’s Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Personal Injury law practices and has extensive practical knowledge of civil, appellate, and Supreme Court litigation proceedings.

In 2007, Jessica formed her own consultancy serving legal executives, solo-, and small law firm practitioners with the singular focus of planning, building, and operating their legal businesses in manners that balance the best interests of their clienteles with the virtues gained by the intelligent, conscientious legal work production of talented legal practitioners. For her entire career, Jessica’s commitment to the best practices, methodologies, and philosophies of the practice of law has earned her distinction among her peers and her clientele, who have trusted her to provide them with every level of expertise they demand in order to deliver their finest legal services. Jessica lives in Mequon, Wisconsin with her partner, Michael, and their son, Austin.

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