Jason Pollan
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Jason has spent 2 decades as a business & policy advisor, lobbyist, attorney, and business owner.  His work has always been directed at protecting the rights of others.  He created one of the first post-2000 attorney-based election monitoring systems and has worked with voter rights and election security projects since 2003.  From New Jersey to Florida to Mississippi, he has worked to secure election integrity for political associations, Governors, U.S. Senators, and Presidential campaigns.  He has also represented the interest of attorneys, serving as a trial lawyer association lobbyist.

Jason has spent years of his career in the non-profit sector as well.  Serving as the Pfizer Health Law Fellow at the Mississippi Center for Justice, he protected access to healthcare for impoverished children, the elderly, and the disabled.  During this time, he was awarded as the 2008 “Advocate of the Year” by the Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities.  He has also served as a policy advisor and lobbyist for AARP.  His work was directed at home-based care for seniors who sought expanded independent living options before being limited to assisted living facilities as their only option.

In 2008 Jason moved back into legal work fulltime.  He created a law firm dedicated to protecting injured workers.  He developed operations, multi-state litigation models, and business structures for expanding a boutique practice.  Over a decade, he grew the firm into a multi-million-dollar practice with offices in 4 states, practicing in 5 jurisdictions.  He developed marketing channels, strategies, and referral partnerships to produce all new leads for each jurisdiction.  He forged end-to-end workflows converting leads into clients, then into revenue-producing cases, with a system scalable to accommodate responsive work between offices in multiple time zones.

After spending much of his professional career based in New Orleans, Jason and family have moved west to Colorado where his wife works to build sustainable cities, communities, and reduce greenhouse gases. Today he centers his work on professional aspects he enjoys most– helping entrepreneurial attorneys expand their businesses.

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