Elvin Dowling
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Elvin J. Dowling is a well-respected business and professional development coach, author, speaker and sought-after expert on leadership and change management. The former Chief of Staff for the National Urban League, one of America’s largest civil rights and social advocacy organizations, Elvin was not only responsible for serving as a liaison with all levels of government and industry, he also helped to manage the coordinated operations of a $300 million dollar nonprofit conglomerate, with professional affiliate offices in over 100 urban communities across America. In fact, his unique experiences and uncanny insight on the issues facing our nation, which has  enabled him to serve millions of less fortunate and vulnerable members of society over the course of a stellar career.

A staunch advocate of educating future generation of leaders by equipping them with the resources and skills they need to be productive members of society, Elvin has worked to elevate the lives of the “least of these” with unassailable results. In 2014 and, again, in 2016, Elvin was successful in securing millions of dollars to conduct mentoring activities for nearly 3,000 at-risk youths in 70 cities across America.

Having served on various business and organizational boards of trustees, including with the American Red Cross, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and the Success Academy Charter Network,  one of the nation’s fastest growing charter school systems, Elvin continues to demonstrate his commitment to community empowerment, through leadership by example. As a graduate of Coach University’s “Core Essentials” Coaching Program and having completed ministerial counseling courses with the New York Theological Seminary, Elvin has provided strategic advice and counsel to some of the country’s foremost leaders in the areas of law, government and business, including Members of Congress, big city mayors, fortune 500 CEO’s and more. Just as importantly, as an acclaimed public speaker, mentor, author, and America’s leading advocate for achieving greatness by embracing change, Elvin’s book, License to Live, having been featured on national and international media outlets, including CNN and National Public Radio, has been lauded as “an eye-opening and heart-stirring message that sheds light on the truth that your past does not dictate your future.”

Today, having successfully spent more than a decade as an entrepreneur and business and professional development expert, Elvin has amassed a following of more than 13,000 fans, friends and followers across various social media platforms, providing common-sense wisdom and practical solutions that more than meet expectations. As a result of his efforts, Elvin has been recognized on the local, state and national levels for his commitment to advocacy and action, including: the “Distinguished Alumni Award”  from the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County; Ebony Magazine’s “Thirty Leaders of the Future” Award; and the Network Journal Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40” Award, for “Mastering the Art of Business Excellence.