Daniel Shields
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Dan is a proven small business leader and C-level/Founder advisor with a unique combination of structured corporate and broad-based entrepreneurial experience. For almost a decade, he has successfully guided many startup (no or little revenue), early stage (some revenue and growing), small companies (desire to grow from current revenue levels) and their owners through key corporate events and transformative milestones to facilitate their growth to a point of scalability. The essence of Dan’s guidance is centered on responsible & structured planning, not only to manage the needs of others (like co-owners, investors or bookkeepers), but to aid the business owner in everyday decision making with tools and best practices. This guidance is not comprised of meaningless exercises of futility!

Dan’s success comes from the success of the companies he has served, demonstrated by their growth and scalability. His ability to work with owners in ways beyond standard consulting (relationship building/management; change management; teaching; obsessing on the reason ‘why’; and, implementation best practices) clearly set him apart from a normal consultant/coach.

While it has helped many companies succeed in planned & responsible growth, Dan’s broad skillset has also been utilized in building (and selling) his own companies … he knows and is empathetic to the mindset of small business owners!

Previous to coming to the HTM team, he founded and was the Managing Director of a nine-year strategic consulting practice where he was the lead consultant, coach, strategist and floor sweeper providing valuable corporate and financial advice to facilitate the growth of early stage companies

Dan holds a BA degree in Mathematics & Economics from SUNY Potsdam. In his spare time, he is an advisor and workshop leader for local area small business incubators and accelerators with a focus on the value of, and practical techniques to, make financial planning a tool that facilitates a company’s growth. He also speaks and participates on panels at the local universities on small business and entrepreneurial matters.

Don’t forget to ask him about family, dogs, cooking, food, wine, fishing, golf and his preferred volunteer group: Saratoga Springs Code Blue.