Andy Goldstrom
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Andy Goldstrom has a 25+ year track record of growing businesses as an advisor, coach, entrepreneur, and an executive. As a two-time Inc. 500 business owner, global investment bank executive and consultant, Andy has experience in a variety of industries, across large geographies.

Early in his career, Andy started and built a division of a real estate brokerage company that generated 30%+ margins and grew from 1 to over 500 employees. After that, he took over for the founder of an existing national recycling company and grew the top line from $70M to $100M and profit from $10M to $17M in 3 years. Both businesses were designated as Inc. 500 companies, the fastest growing privately held companies nationwide, and subsequently sold to Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, Andy has run a boutique consulting firm called Midcourse Advisors that helps entrepreneurs make the necessary adjustments to sustain and grow their businesses. His focus was on professional services firms, including law firms.

In each case, Andy led sales teams that competed efficiently and effectively to win an extraordinary amount of business. In addition, he reduced cycle times and drove financial acumen, creating incremental value that was monetized when the companies were sold.

Andy has a unique skill set. In building businesses from the ground up, he learned how to sell, serve, manage finances and develop people. He is able to see the big picture as an executive, but also dig into the details to help others uncover what may be holding them back. Andy has a track record of long-lasting relationships with his clients because he quickly earns trust and treats each client’s business as if it were his own.

Separately, Andy served for a number of years as a part-time instructor where he taught a course in entrepreneurship at Georgia State University.

In 2021, with a desire to become part a growing team that is helping to change a services industry, Andy joined How To Manage a Small Law Firm.

Andy holds undergraduate and graduate business degrees from the University of Connecticut, He lives in Atlanta with his wife and has two grown children. Andy is an avid reader and exercise enthusiast and is always seeking new books to read and new mountains to climb.

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