Alejandra Leibovich
Co-Founder – Software Development

Award winning animator, entrepreneur, author, cartoonist, apps-games-software developer and sandwich lover, Alejandra Leibovich aka Aleloop, uses her creativity over a wide range of fields and disciplines because why do just one thing when there are so many freaking cool things to do!

Aleloop divides her time between working on a sci-fi graphic novel, painting, developing software and taking on select animation and design projects for clients including 7UP, Dr. Pepper, Wolverine, X-MEN, Ironman, Nicktoons, MTV, etc.

Aleloop’s press includes the USA TODAY, CBS, Discovery News, Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Fox Deco Drive, Trend Hunter, SunPost, Sun Sentinel, Motor Trend, among many others.

Originally from Argentina, Aleloop decided to keep her thick English accent and has been living in the USA for the better half her life.

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You can catch her always up to something here at HTM and at
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