Master The Ultimate Law Firm Growth Strategy

That Can Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Revenue
& Costs $0.00 To Implement!

This is for you if you’re sick and tired of seeing good leads
(leads that you worked hard to generate or leads that you PAID FOR)
fall through the cracks and end up in your competitors’ hands.

Read this message all the way through and stake a claim today (see the invitation below), that you will no longer accept that “it happens”or that you can’t gain complete control of your sales process and make a lot more money than you do now, without spending a dime more on marketing.

The unsexy part of business that your competitors overlook needs your attention more than anything else you’re focused on right now.  Even Law Firm businesses with dysfunction behind the scenes, inferior legal work, in small towns, in competitive markets, and yes, contingency firms too can dramatically increase their revenue by mastering effective attraction, conversion, and intake processes.

Your firm’s success hinges on your ability to attract “ Grade A” prospective new clients, get them to show up, and convert them into paying clients.

Yet, most law firm owners are bogged down with all of the hats they’re wearing, buried in personnel issues, or chasing shiny objects to grow their firm while they should be focusing on the one most critical business development problem they have… the fact that qualified leads are not hiring them.

This is a problem for you if every prospective new client (PNC) that calls your office (who is an ideal fit to work with you) does not book an appointment.  This is also a problem for you if not all of those that book appointments show up for those appointments.  And this is certainly a problem for you if those that show up don’t retain your services.

Your focus, no matter what else is going on in your life and in your firm, needs to shift to booking initial consultations with the right people, getting those people to show up for their consultation, and converting them into clients.

Improving your results in just one of those areas by just 10% could mean TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in more revenue for you this year. 

Let that sink in for a moment.

Let’s say that hypothetically you’re getting 40 prospective new clients calling you every month (just using round numbers here), and you’re able to get 30 of them to book appointments, 20 of them to show up for appointments, and 14 of them to become clients worth $2,000.  If you increased JUST the show rate by 10%, that would mean your 70% close rate would still bring you AN ADDITIONAL $33,600.00 THIS YEAR!

That’s just one of the areas we’re going to help you improve in the upcoming MASTERCLASS …

3 Steps to Boosting Profits
Without Spending More $$$ On Marketing

A Private Master Class Designed To Guide Small & Solo Law Firm Owners
Through Implementing A Customized Attraction & Conversion Process
That Works Like Magic To Bring Them Better Clients & Make Them A Lot More Money
WithOUT Spending More Money On Marketing To Do It

You’re invited to join us! But this is a closed, private Master Class that we’ll conduct over a 5-week period, available to only the first 25 to respond.  We are intentionally keeping this group small because one of the most valuable aspects of the class is the intimate nature, especially for the final module.

If you instinctively know, right now, that your conversion rate isn’t what it should be, enroll immediately to secure your spot in the group and come back to read the rest later.

100% money back guarantee

This distance learning class has a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the content being presented by the end of the 2nd Module (week 2), let us know, have an exit call with a member of our team, and if we can’t make it right with you then we will be happy to refund you and part as friends. We mean it and you’ll see this guarantee when you click below to fill out the payment form. Read more about our refund policy here.

The uncomfortable truth is though that you probably have no idea what your conversion numbers are.  Do you?  Do you know what percentage of the people who call your firm book appointments?  What percentage show?  And of those that show, what percentage retain?

Chances are that you could find this information out about last month’s numbers if you decided to go look for them.  It might take you a while to gather the data, so on the regular, you don’t do it.  But, THAT is a conversion problem.  A problem that costs you so much money and missed opportunity.  You have no idea if your receptionist is blowing it with good leads, or if no shows are killing your revenue.

And frankly, there’s no way to fix problems that you don’t know about.  Getting in touch with these numbers on a regular basis is critical to your business’ growth.  You need to understand how to have them at your fingertips and what to do with these metrics once you have them.

Most of all, you must stop excusing this behavior.  Don’t accept this from yourself.  It doesn’t matter if you want a million dollar or a 10 million dollar law firm business, your actions need to be congruent with that desire.  Excuses about lack of knowledge of your metrics or excuses about why your show rate may be low or people aren’t retaining have got to STOP.

Yes, there are lots of excuses you can offer up as explanations as to why you have these conversion problems. 

“People don’t always do what they say they’ll do”

“If people can’t afford my services, there’s nothing I can do.”

“We’re getting by with the leads we are able to convert.”

“We’re just not getting enough calls, conversion isn’t the problem.”

Feel free to insert whatever story you might be telling yourself around this.  But the fact remains, leaving these conversion problems unaddressed is costing you a fortune!

It’s one of the first things we help our Members fix at How To Manage A Small Law Firm.  And since this is such a common problem for small and solo law firm owners in all practice areas, in all parts of the country, we decided to put together a comprehensive, hands-on training on just this topic and make it available to the public (not just our Members) so that you can once and for all, master your sales processes and make a lot more money.

This is a 5-week, long-distance learning Master Class with telephone lessons, supplemental materials, and homework to move you through the implementation process hosted by Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor, James Brown.

100% money back guarantee

This distance learning class has a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the content being presented by the end of the 2nd Module (week 2), let us know, have an exit call with a member of our team, and if we can’t make it right with you then we will be happy to refund you and part as friends. We mean it and you’ll see this guarantee when you click below to fill out the payment form. Read more about our refund policy here.

James has built a million-dollar law firm business not once,

not twice, but THREE TIMES.

In 1994, less than 12 months out of law school, James began his career with a passion for helping people get out of debt and opened his first consumer bankruptcy firm in St. Louis, MO.

By the end of 1996, James’ firm broke the $1 Million mark in revenue and he was approached to open a 2nd office in Detroit, MI.  He took the same systems, policies and procedures that skyrocketed the St. Louis office and simply duplicated them in Detroit.

By 1998, the St. Louis and Detroit offices were the top filing bankruptcy firms in their respective districts with both offices earning well over 7 figure incomes.

In 1998, James once again duplicated his systems and opened a 3rd location in Kansas City, MO. By 2001, the Kansas City location surpassed the $1 Million mark itself again proving that regardless of location, amount of competition and plenty of people saying it can’t be done, James blocked all of that out and did it anyway.

Now, he’s devoting his professional life to helping small and solo law firm owners master the skills that will allow them to do the same thing.  If there’s anyone who can help you masterfully input a killer sales process, it’s James.

Each module in the Master Class will fully equip you to expertly choreograph the stages of your sales process, track the metrics associated with each one, and tweak on an ongoing basis for a lifetime of maximized profits.  Here’s what you’ll get out of each of the modules…

Module 1, September 17th:

How To Convert Phone Calls Into Face-to Face Appointments

There is more methodical science than art to this part of the equation.  You’ll discover exactly what it takes to get more of the RIGHT people who call you to make an appointment using proven methods such as:

  • How to use a 24-hour information hotline to grab the caller’s attention, capture contact information, and develop a relationship with each every lead, even if they’re not ready to book an appointment (because there’s a fortune to be made in the follow up with them).
  • How to develop a fool-proof script to transform your receptionist into one of your biggest sales assets.
  • How to carefully and politely repel the people you don’t want to work with(to save your time, money, and energy for the work you want to do) while creating urgency for the right-fit clients at the same time.

Module 2, September 24th:

How to get more of the prospective new clients who schedule an appointment, to Show-Up.

This is often where the big money is made in the sales process.  Even people who desperately need to see a doctor (because they know their health is in big trouble) don’t do it.  The same is true of legal problems.  Denial is easier and serves their purpose of continuing to be a victim of their circumstances.  It’s up to you to change all this!  In this module, you’ll discover and create the assets you need to get these people to follow-up on their appointment promise and show up to meet you!  Specifically, you’ll create:

  • The Rock Solid Intake Questionnaire: there’s a hidden and expensive mistake your firm is probably making that you can fix with a proper questionnaire for $0.
  • The right way to use homework to confirm the appointment and get prospective new clients excited about showing-up!
  • Scarcity (a limited time offer) and added value (a bonus or incentive when you schedule) to getting an appointment.  This is one of the most effective “stick” strategies you can implement. Put it in place and watch your show rate climb!

Module 3, October 1st:

How to pre-condition prospective new clients to want to engage your firm before they even show-up! 

This module will focus on building anticipation within your prospective new clients for two important purposes; #1 – to get them to show up, #2 – to get them ready to work with you and only you before they ever even meet you.  You’ll discover and create:

  • A pre-appointment drip campaign: this is the seemingly magic ferry tour-guide that takes your prospective new client by the hand and leads them carefully to your doorstep at their appointment time with no fear of what to expect, no excuses about not being able to find the place, and an already warmed welcome into your firm culture.
  • A shock and awe package: this is the package of testimonials, accolades, articles, and supporting information package your prospective new client needs to be prepared to make a good decision when they meet you.  You’ll discover what goes into a good shock and awe package and easily be able to create one of your own.
  • The right buying environment: you’ll set the stage with your pre-conditioning efforts and remove all of the potential obstacles before your PNCs ever step foot in your office.

Module 4, October 8th:

Putting it all together – creating systems for success.

This module is focused on helping you implement these systems you’ve created because none of these assets are worth a dime if you don’t put them in play.  You’ll discover:

  • How to create systems that will automatically alert you when one of the phases in your sales process isn’t working or when its time for a change.
  • How to make a powerful connection with your prospects by using the information you already have about your existing best clients.
  • How to become a PRO at measuring your ROI and your key performance indicators. This is essential to allow you to have your finger on the pulse of your firm at all times.  And once you put this in place, the game will be officially changed for you from this point forward.  You’ll be empowered to GROW like never before!

Module 5, October 15th:

Optional In-person full-day training October 19thin Las Vegas, Nevada at the beautiful Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

This module affords you an incredible opportunity to meet many of our Members who are putting these strategies in place for themselves with astounding results. You’ll benefit from a half-day review of the first 4 modules followed by an afternoon on Law Firm Growth Strategies where you’ll discover:

  • Where to find more of your best clients
  • How to mine your existing database for new clients
  • How to grow a team (starting from scratch) to support the growth you want
  • How to leverage your law firm business to provide you with the freedoms and achievements you want, personally, professionally, and financially.
  • How to transform your law practice into a law firm business that PROFITS while you do important work for your clients
  • How to maximize the amount of revenue you bring in with your existing team and know when to take on more staff.
  • How to empower your team to very successfully take over some of the critical processes that you are now in charge of handling, so you can focus on growing the firm.
  • How to DOUBLE your revenue in the next 18 months

And MUCH more.

Module 5 is optional, but it would be a crying shame for you to miss it. There is no better way for you to not only see what’s possible for you and your firm with your very own eyes, but also to assemble the resources to achieve your goals right there in Las Vegas.  You’ll see.  We’re confident that you won’t regret attending for a second and in fact, since this 5thmodule is a part of the Master Class it includes a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE (plus up to $500.00 in documented travel expenses).

The fee for the Master Class is just $997, a sum we’re confident you’ll recoup by the end of week 3 if you’re implementing along with the class.

Plus, it’s completely risk free because it comes with a 365 day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you don’t pocket at least 5 times what you paid into attending the Master Class, after you’ve implemented the strategies we’ll teach, we’ll issue you a full refund.  No questions asked!



If you’re truly committed to using your law firm business to provide the freedoms you want personally, professionally, and financially, you need to do this more than anything else THIS YEAR.  And frankly, should you decide that you “want to think about it” or you’re “not sure if this will work for you,” you’re simply feeding yourself more excuses and signing yourself up to repeat more of the uncertainty that you’ve had up until this point in your business.

You don’t want that. We don’t want that.  So, enroll right now while you’re thinking about it.

100% money back guarantee

This distance learning class has a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the content being presented by the end of the 2nd Module (week 2), let us know, have an exit call with a member of our team, and if we can’t make it right with you then we will be happy to refund you and part as friends. We mean it and you’ll see this guarantee when you click below to fill out the payment form. Read more about our refund policy here.

This is your chance to solidify THE MOST IMPORTANT PROCESSES in your law firm.  Because once you master the effective attraction and conversion of A clients, all of the rest of the problems you’ll face in your business growth adventure will be HIGH QUALITY PROBLEMS, like when to hire another attorney to lighten your load, how to take a REAL VACATION, and how to grow a team that will support your dreams and help you achieve all of your goals.  We can help you with those things when the time comes.  But right now … it’s time to master the most critical aspect of your business’ development.

After the masterclass, you’ll be able to confidently …

  • Know how to get MORE perfect-fit prospects to show upfor appointments
  • Know at a glance exactly how to turn up the volume on your client load
  • Know what works in your intake and sales process, and what can be improved
  • Know how to pre-condition prospective new clients to be excited to work with youbefore they ever show up for their appointment
  • Know how to convert more prospective new clients into paying clients on every initial consultation
  • Know how to easily implement these processes, tweak them, and measure themon an ongoing basis to make A LOT MORE MONEY without spending any more money on marketing.

And conversely, moving on with your day without locking down your spot in the class means you’re just fine with losing a fortune to lost leads.

Are you happy just letting lost leads tank your revenue/income and affecting the way you live your life? Or do you want to reach out and grab the dream you had in law school… to change the lives of your clients and making a great living doing it?

That’s what this masterclass is offering you. The opportunity to realize your dreams, make great money, and finally have the law firm business you’ve wanted.

We’ll be there with you on September 17th!

The How To Manage A Small Law Firm Team

P.S.  Remember, this is a 5-week long distance course with teleseminar lessons, supplemental learning materials, complete with an optional (no additional fee) in-person day of law firm business development strategy. The Master Class is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee for 365 days … if you don’t make at least 10 TIMES your investment in the class with the tools you’ll develop and the strategies you’ll discover, we’ll issue a full refund of your entire investment (plus up to $500.00 documented travel expenses if you attend the 5thmodule in-person).

P.P.S. We fully expect that this Master Class will fill within a very short period of time. We’re capping enrollment at just 25 students. If you want in, ENROLL NOW before you miss your chance.

100% money back guarantee

This distance learning class has a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the content being presented by the end of the 2nd Module (week 2), let us know, have an exit call with a member of our team, and if we can’t make it right with you then we will be happy to refund you and part as friends. We mean it and you’ll see this guarantee when you click below to fill out the payment form. Read more about our refund policy here.

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