First Name
Last Name
US States
Phone Number
Marital Status
If you share a household with a significant other, what does he or she do for a living?
What does your significant other contribute to the household income?
Do you have children?
What age(s)? (please separate by comma)
Does anyone in your household have special needs?
Please describe the special needs of anyone in your household:
Where did you go to law school?
What year did you graduate?
What year did you begin practicing law?
What did you study in your undergraduate studies?
Please describe any relevant business-related work experience you had prior to deciding to start your own law firm. (for example, you may have run some other type of business, or managed a business for someone else)
Please describe any relevant business-related experience you may have been exposed to through a member of your immediate family? (for example, did either of your parents ever start, market, and/or manage a successful business of any kind?)
What are your top-three favorite practice areas or types of clients/cases/matters?
How would you respond if you were at a networking function or even a social event and someone asked you “What do you do?”
What will it cost you to live the way you want to be living 18 months from today?
What were your revenues in the past 30 days?
How many hours would you like to be giving your law firm in the average week 18 months from today?
How many hours did you average per week in the past 30 days?
Who scrubs the toilets in your home?
Who does the grocery shopping & runs other errands for your family?
What is the make of the car you currently drive?
What color?
Automatic or stick-shift?
Approximate mileage?
When is the last time you had you car serviced for oil, etc?
What is the manufacturer of the tires you have on your car right now?
Approximately how many miles ago did you buy those tires?
What stations do you have programmed on the radio in your car right now?
About how much gas do you have in your gas tank?
About how many miles can your car travel between fill-ups?
About how fast is the fastest you’ve ever driven your car?
Please describe your office arrangement.
Home office
Shared office
I have my own office
If Other, please describe:
This is a list of key administrative procedures that I have created for my law firm. Please check those that your law firm also has in place:
Answering the telephone.
Taking messages.
Scheduling appointments with prospective new clients.
Scheduling appointments with current clients.
Scheduling hearings.
Opening a new file, case, or matter for a new client.
Opening a new file, case, or matter for a current client.
Monthly file review.
File protocols.
Closing files, cases, and matters.
Calculating & documenting statutes of limitations or other self-imposed deadlines.
Conflict checking & documentation.
New client engagement.
Declining a new case or engagement.
Pre-engagement glide path.
Post-engagement for 15, 30, 60, days, &c.
Accounting for time, tasks, and value.
Preparing bills.
Accepting payment.
Montly book keeping.
Monthly newsletter.
Computer back-up.
Computer file organization scheme.
Operating instructions for all technology.
The procedure for monthly review of all policies & procedures so that we are always getting better.
How many IOLTA transactions have you poted in the last 30 days?
What is the current balance of your IOLTA account?
One a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable are you with the management of your IOLTA account?
Please upload written copies of the following pieces of your financial control system:
Most recent budget.
Most recent aged A/R report.
Most recent Work in Progress (WIP) report.
Most recent cash flow projection.
Most recent budget variance.
Most recent cash position (operating & trust).
Number of cases/matters currently active:
Number of cases/matters closed in the last 90 days:
Number of cases/matters opened in last 90 days:
How many people have you hired to do each of the following jobs?
Chief Financial Officer
My firm currently utilizes the following in our marketing strategy (select all that apply):
Newspaper advertising.
Magazine advertising.
Bus bench advertising.
Billboard advertising.
Phone directory advertising.
Radio advertising.
Television advertising.
Pay per click advertising.
Banner advertising.
Web page.
More than one web page.
Electronic newsletter, goes out at least weekly.
Paper newsletter, goes out at least monthly.
Direct mail.
Speaking engagements hosted by other.
Speaking engagements/workshops organized yourselves.
BNI or other dedicated networking/business-development group(s).
Opportunistic networking events.
Political group(s).
Social/charitable group(s).
Actively use my Rainmaking Rolodexâ„¢.
Submit articles at least once a month.
Reach out to journalists at least once a month.
Have at least three sales call appointments with potential referral sources each month.
Have at least three sales call appointments with proven referral sources each month.
Have made at least three attempts to refer business to my referral sources each month.
Have some sort of system in place to maintain top of mind awareness amongst former clients.
Have some sort of system in place to maintain top of mind awareness amongst current clients.
Have some sort of system in place to maintain top of mind awareness amongst referral sources.
Have some sort of system in place to precondition prospective clients before the first appointment.
Have some sort of system in place to follow up with prospective clients after the first appointment if they don’t engage our services.
Have some sort of free report or other valuable educational material we offer to prospective clients in exchange for permission to keep in touch with them about their needs.
Have written a book that demonstrates our firm’s commitment to our chosen practice area.
Have won some sort of award that demonstrates our firm’s commitment to our chosen practice area.
Have issued at least 10 press releases in the past 12 months.
Have organized at least one “play date” in the last 90 days with two or more potential referral sources.
Please describe how you would make use of the money if someone were to give you $100,000 on the condition that it be used only for marketing or otherwise improving the management of your law firm to better serve your clients.
How many marketing strategies or systems do you have in place that consistently stimulate repeat business, lock in continuing business or renewable income, and/or stimulate new business or referrals?
Describe 3, 4, or 5 goals you are working towards:
What else do you think it’s important for your coach to know about you that is not adressed in this self-diagnostic?