What: Mike Michalowicz (author of Profit First and founder of Profit First Professional) & RJon Robins (founder and CEO of How To Manage A Small Law Firm)  will be co-hosting a 2-day workshop to teach small law firm owners around the country the profit first method, and certify them as Profit First Professionals.

Running any business by the Profit First method leads to increased profitability, reduced debt, and the financial freedom that almost every single entrepreneur (like you) aspires to reach when they first started their business. By becoming a Profit First Professional not only will your law firm run more profitably, but you will also be able to help your clients be more profitable – likely increasing how satisfied your clients are working with you.

Who: Mike Michalowicz is and entrepreneur and author the of Profit First and founder of Profit First Professional. The book Profit First, empowers small business owners to run their businesses in such a way that will ensure they are predictably profitable.

How To Manage a Small Law Firm (‘HTMSLF’) is the leading provider of outside Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services exclusively for over 300 solo and small law firms around the country. RJon Robins (founder and CEO of  HTMSLF) believes the Profit First strategy is a key success driver for his business, and encourages all of his firms clients to run their business following the formula too.

When: March 5 & 6, 2018

Where: Ritz-Carlton – Coconut Grove, FL

Your investment: (Yes, this is to be perceived as an investment in YOU and YOUR business, rather than a cost.) $3,995. Why are calling this an investment rather than a cost? During this workshop you’ll discover how to get more profit out of your business – likely earning back the fee for this workshop by two and three times. Even if you are already enjoying financial success, the Profit First method can help you double, triple and even quadruple your profits.

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