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Less Stress

        • Discover new found confidence in passing a trust account audit.
        • Be more confident: Sleep more peacefully knowing your IOLTA accounts are accurate and properly updated.

Could This Be Happening To You?

        • Law school taught you how to be a lawyer not an accountant.
        • Don’t get in trouble just because you didn’t know the simple accounting principles for proper IOLTA management.

More Time

        • Free up time for your family and friends.
        • Don’t waste time fixing problems stemming from a mishandled trust account.

Protect Yourself

          • Don’t be fooled: Know exactly what to look for if you outsource your IOLTA
          • Ultimately, YOU are responsible if anything goes wrong, NOT your bookkeeper!

More Money

        • The savings you will have from having better IOLTA management will reflect on your firm’s billing and receivables.
        • Clearly identify which clients are adding to the value of your firm and which are a loss of resources.

Make this a Profitable Habit

        • Learn habits that can be applied today. Save yourself on costly headaches.
        • Take off your lawyer hat and put on your law firm manager hat!

“Most Lawyers Don’t Know That Client Property Trust Accounts Were First Conceived of as a Lubricant for Law Firm-Cash Flow and Profitability.”

 – Rjon Robins, Founder of How To Manage A Small Law Firm

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