If you’re in the $0-$250,000 revenue range, you’re in the “creating” a successful law practice stage and this is TOUGH.

You’re broke, alone, and you’re probably wondering if you’re going to make it. After all, the average salary for a solo attorney in the U.S. is less than $55,000 a year. But we know you didn’t start this business to be average. You obviously know that your potential is much greater than that.

Yet these are some of the most difficult times you’ll go through as an entrepreneur. You’re probably making a lot of apologies and feeling very guilty about what you have not yet been able to do for your family. You’re ALWAYS working and the payoff hasn’t shown up yet.

But we have very good news for you…

We’ve helped many hundreds of law firms quickly grow beyond this revenue range. And if you’re willing to implement, we’re quite confident we can help you too!

But before we tell you how we can help you grow beyond this range, let’s talk about what world you’re living in. Firms in this revenue range fall into one of three different scenarios.

Which World Are You Living In?

WORLD #1: You Know All That You Need To Know To Achieve Your Goals. Let’s cut right to the chase … if you’re in this camp, we CAN NOT help you. Its our hope for you that someday soon you will have suffered enough and you will then realize that you don’t know what you don’t know. You’ll realize that there are factors at play aside from your brilliant legal work that contribute to the success or failure of your business. And you’ll realize that you don’t know what you need to know about those critical factors. When that day comes, we hope you’ll come back. That’s when we’ll be able to help you get exactly where you want to go like we have for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other attorneys who started in this revenue range. We hope to see you back here soon.

WORLD #2: You’re Stuck, Tired of Being Broke, And Inspired To Grow Beyond This Painful Phase. You’re doing it all yourself (or almost all by yourself) … with no leverage, no team, and no budget. There are NOT enough hours in the day or enough brain power inside your one head to get it all done and you are literally maxed out. Or, you at least see that you will be very soon.

Friend, this is a high-quality problem to have if you’re looking at it from the right perspective. You know there are important aspects of business that you’re not getting right. You know that law school did not prepare you for growing a business. And you are understandably tired of being broke. It’s a high-quality problem to have because you’re in the perfect position to accept help and act on the wisdom you can gain from experts who have done this many times before. That’s how we can help. We’ve helped so many attorneys who are almost literally living the same Ground Hog day you’re living … working 70-80 hour weeks, doing it all alone, and gaining little traction. You CAN quickly get beyond this current plateau. Here’s what to do next …

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