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The testimonials you see here and elsewhere in connection with it are from actual participants attending other programs conducted by some or all of the same presenters, covering similar topics.

Keep in mind too, that the results obtained by every lawyer will always vary based on a number of criteria not least of which being how committed you are to achieving your goals in life. In other words, we’re not your momma. It’s up to YOU to take action to help yourself. So no warranty or guarantee of specific results can be given as too much will depend on your level of commitment, your willingness to ask for help & follow advice and of course whether or not you allow fear, insecurities and/or excuses to stop you.

That’s also the reason why no guarantees are being made that you will achieve results similar to what these other attorneys who are no better than you are, were able to achieve. In fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results at all from our ideas, and techniques in our material. The only guarantees that we can make are that if you don’t attend you definitely will not learn anything from us.