Practicing What I Preach

The quality of my life and the quality of the life you and I can each provide for our families is directly-tied to the success of our business. 

The financial success, the personal success and the professional success too.

In order for my business to be successful (financially, personally and/or professionally) it must deliver to your business, at least a 5 X ROI.  That is, you and your business must get at least five times the value of every dollar you invest to work with us.

Some of our members measure this strictly by the DOLLARS.  Others measure it strictly by the CONFIDENCE that comes from being able to make better decisions on your journey.  And still others measure part of their ROI from the PEACE OF MIND that comes from knowing you’re going to have someone in your corner helping you hold it all together (or pick you back up) when the entrepreneurial life knocks you on your ass.

This is a picture of my son.  His name is Taye Astuya.  That stands for “Take All Your Excuses And Shove Them Up Your Ass”.

We named him that because it’s the motto (rallying cry) Ale & I used to turn things around when we were broke.  It all began when we made a 100% Commitment to 100% Truth and 100% Personal Responsibility.  This isn’t always the easiest way to go through life. But we have found it to be the most profitable way to go through life.

Always Face The Truth:

I know How to Manage a Small Law Firm isn’t perfect. We are a work in progress. In fact I don’t hope or expect HTM to ever be perfect because the minute a business reaches a state of perfection it begins to die. Plus, I don’t believe there is such a thing as “perfection”, at least not when it comes to a business. Instead, as entrepreneurs we strive for a constant state of improvement. To  make progress every day, that is the entrepreneur’s dream come true.

Progress comes from knowing the truth. To face the truth you must seek it out.  In order for me to enjoy my entrepreneurial bliss and  provide Mr Taye Astuya with the kind of life I want for him I MUST KNOW THE TRUTH.  So I am asking you to PLEASE participate in this survey!

And tell me the truth.    You WANT me to improve my business.  You NEED me to improve my business.  Because the more I improve MY business, the more you will be able to improve YOUR business.  And likewise, the more YOU improve your business, the more I will be able to improve my business too.  So we’re in this together.

My Promises To You:

I promise you I will take action to make improvements, based on the responses I get to these surveys.

  • I promise I will report back to let you (and everyone else) know what action(s) I am taking to make improvements.
  • I promise I take this VERY seriously.

I am 100% committed to improve my business.  And I take 100% responsibility for everything about my business.  So I need to know the truth.  Because I can’t do anything about it if I don’t know what’s really going on.  So Please, Tell Me The Good, The Bad & Yes, Even The Ugly.

That way I can take steps to be sure we do more of the good.  We’ll be able to do better with the bad.  I will continue to be ruthless about eliminating the ugly.  After all, the more value we pack into your membership the better that is for BOTH of us, don’t you agree?

So if you value our relationship and respect me I would ask that you please do for me, what I hope that you’d hope your own clients would care enough to do for you, too.

Just tell me the truth and let the chips fall where they do.

Thank you in advance for making this investment in our relationship.


p.s. Here’s a profitable lesson you missed from the most recent Live Quarterly Meeting.   It’s a tough lesson that you can (and should) implement in your own life and business.  And as you can see, I will never ask YOU to do anything I won’t do MYSELF.  By the way, we recently met with the Million Dollar Solo Lawyers’ Club and walked them step-by-step through this lesson, over two very full days.  Every one of them said this was one of the scariest and one of the most productive meetings, workshops or retreats they’ve ever had in their whole life.  Yes, this lesson is THAT empowering.  So please watch the video:

Be as honest as you can. There are only three pages of the survey.  It should only take you a few minutes to complete.

If you have a Managing Partner fill out page 1 of the survey.

Page 2 asks about your COO. If you don’t have a COO yet, skip page 2.

Page 3 asks about your CFO. If you don’t have a CFO yet then simply skip page 3 and click Submit.