Why Participate in a Small Law Firm Business Plan Workshop?

Every kind of business benefits when the owner invests the time and brainpower to put on paper a plain English explanation for how the business is supposed to operate. A business plan for a law firm doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming and it does’t have to take months and months and months to create. It just has to explain in plain English how each of the 7 Main Parts of the business are supposed to operate together to produce a profit for all of the stakeholders of the firm.


You wouldn’t encourage one of your own clients, friends or family to invest in any other kind of business being run without a written plan that explains simply, clearly and in plain English “This is how this business is supposed to make a profit”, would you? (rhetorical question). Participating in a Small Law Firm Business Plan Building Workshop is the quickest, most convenient and most reliable way to be sure you actually get around to writing out a plan for how all of the 7 Main Parts of your business are supposed to work together to make a profit.

Plus you’ll get questions, comments and feedback about your plan from RJon Robins, arguably “THE” leading authority on the subject of how to start and grow a solo law firm from $0 to over one million dollars of revenue.


What is a Small Law Firm Business Plan Building Workshop?

First you will learn everything you “need” to know about writing a practical plan for your law firm, all in about an hour.This won’t be a lesson on everything you could possibly know. It’s a lesson that equips you with everything you NEED to know to get started. Then you will prepare your first draft and present it to the panel lead by RJon himself.


During your turn (about 45 minutes) you will grow about 5 years. Seriously you’ll make more progress in this two day workshop and especially during your 45 minutes in front of the panel than most business owners grow in a lifetime. Certainly more than most grow in any 5 years of their life. Part of the “secret” that makes this such a powerful experience is the opportunity to be in the room while all your fellow participants have their turn in front of the panel too. You will either bring your business plan to this workshop and make it so much better or else come with a blank canvass and leave with a working first draft you can begin to execute against the very next week.

Who is this for?

  • Lawyers with their own 7 figure single-sharholder law firm who want to tweak operations and lay the groundwork for rapid growth.
  • Lawyers with a firm that’s gotten stuck somewhere along the way on the journey from $0-breaking the 7 figure barrier.
  • Lawyers who have been so busy growing their firm that you may have forgotten to stop and update or get enough feedback on the plan you’re executing against.
  • Lawyers who have no plan but you’re committed to step-up and give yourself a real fighting chance ESPECIALLY if you want to be able to go home and get “buy in” from your spouse or significant-other.

Can I bring my spouse or significant-other?

Yes. Absolutely. We highly-encourage you to bring your spouse or significant-other. We do not charge one penny more for them to attend. We really think it’s a great idea for them to be there with you.


What is the investment?

Probably LESS than you will earn after your plan helps you convert one more client and/or improve the profitability of your business with all of your clients and/or make your business so much more efficient and enjoyable to operate. The investment for this two day workshop is just $5,000. Current Members enrolled in any of our programs invest only $3,500. If you don’t already have a written business plan that explains in plain English how your law firm is supposed to make a profit it would be silly not to take advantage of this opportunity now.


How often does How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm offer this kind of small-group, intensive program?

Currently we only have three dates set for 2015.


When: Wed April 22nd 9AM – 5PM & Thu April 23rd 9AM – 5PM

Where: Los Angeles, CA


How do I get a ticket?

Non clients click here


What’s this I heard about a 100% money back guarantee?

If by the end of this 2 day workshop you are not completely blown-away, before you leave the premises you can let us know you want your money back.The only thing we ask is you tell us before the end of the event and give us an honest chance to address your concerns.