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I don’t have to tell you what DOESN’T work.

You already know that working yourself to death for little ROI isn’t cutting it.

You already know there’s no magic bullet and there’s no one-size fits all formula.

And you already know that if you spend next month doing more of the same, you’ll just spend the following months getting more of the same.

But what if the next 4 weeks changed EVERYTHING for you?

What if you started doing what DOES work?

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When I did the Bootcamp, it really explained to me a roadmap and showed me where I needed to go and how I could get there. – Meldie Moore, Esq.


Why should that statistic matter to you?

Because you’re running a small BUSINESS.

But it’s likely that law school did NOT train you on the ins and outs of running, and growing, a successful, sustainable business.

The difference between small law firms that fail and those that thrive depends largely on business savvy.

There are proven best practices and strategic tools that successful businesses use to scale and expand.

We find that many small law firm owners aren’t utilizing any of them! Are you?

Answer these 5 questions to see if this 4-week course is for you:

  • Do you operate a single-shareholder law firm?
  • Has your firm been stuck in its current stage of growth for TOO LONG, already?
  • Are you strong enough to accept that you are overwhelmed, and need some help to get out of the cycle of stagnation?
  • Can you handle some straight talk, and invest a couple hours a week for the next four weeks to change your life for the better?
  • Are you ready to try a different approach and stop repeating the same patterns that are keeping you in a loop of frustration and dissatisfaction?

If you answered “YES” to all five questions, congratulations, you qualify to enroll in this exclusive program.

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, don’t worry, there are other programs you might want to consider, but this one isn’t for you. Why?

This 4-week, fast-moving program has been developed specifically for a group of like-minded law firm owners who each has his or her own unique but compelling reason for wanting – no NEEDING to change the way their business operates and the results it produces for their life.

These next 4 weeks are going to be very hands-on.

We have created this program to be highly customized so you can receive a LOT of personal attention and accountability. 

You’ll learn from your fellow participants during live weekly calls, and on the discussion forum. Because that’s often where the magic happens!

Things aren’t going to suddenly get easier unless you decide to do something different.

New results require new action.

If you’re here reading this now, it’s because you already know your law firm isn’t producing the kind of results you want it to produce for your life. And that’s probably because there are some things you either don’t know about, don’t want to face-up-to, or don’t know how to handle, yet.

Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there. And you don’t know what you don’t know.

But right now, at this pivotal moment in your life and career you have the opportunity to DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL OF THAT!

This is the Business Plan Development Bootcamp.

A 4-week virtual crash course in Business Plan Creation, interactive and customized to fit your law firm, your goals and the vision you have for the kind of life you want to live.

headshot of successful member brett trembly

“It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. You laid out how to grow a million dollar firm on paper… This was October 2014 and October of 2017 is exactly when we hit it.

We’re just going to keep doing it and I don’t lose sleep anymore, my stress level has plummeted, I’ve finally become very relaxed and I feel great about where the firm is headed and comfortable that whatever happens, we can handle it.”

-Brett Trembly, Business Law Attorney, Miami, FL

Here’s how the program works:

What we’ve done is whittled-down our very popular and shockingly-effective, world famous (literally) 12-week crash course, that more than one thousand lawyers have graduated from…and we’ve turned it into an easy, “bite size” 4 week VIRTUAL program.

We condensed it, kept the value, shortened the time frame, and made the whole thing virtual because we wanted to remove the excuses!

You’ll dial into a weekly live tele-class and learn the proven strategies for generating cash at every stage of growth as a bridge to achieving your long-term goals.   A team member from the How To Manage A Small Law Firm Team will be on hand to answer any questions you have that week.

In between each of your weekly group calls you’ll be keeping in contact with, asking questions, getting answers, sharing experiences and staying on course by participating in a private discussion forum that will be closely monitored by members of the How To Manage A Small Law Firm team.

This private discussion forum is often where the magic happens! You’ll find that one of the biggest benefits of working with How to Manage a Small Law Firm is our community.

To our knowledge, this is the only group of it’s kind, comprised of like-minded entrepreneurial lawyers who come together to celebrate and support one another with a shared vision of growth and FREEDOM.

So you’ll never be far from getting the help you need to keep making progress.

Iron sharpens iron, and who you surround yourself with matters!

This is why we invite you to a LIVE, FREE, in-person event at the end of the 4th week.

That’s right. You’ll get to join us in Phoenix, AZ, meet your fellow bootcamp participants and immerse yourself in a final two days of intensive Business Planning in person, with our team.

Not only that, but our members will be there for our Live Quarterly meeting, and you will get to have a sneak peek into our exclusive, members-only Saturday Session.

This session is usually top secret for paid members of HTM, but as a Bootcamp participant you’ll be in that room, getting a behind-the-scenes look of what our members are doing to grow their law firms on average by 50% every year.

member jennifer gore-cuthbert learning and growing at a live quarterly meeting

“It’s quite normal within this program to grow by a hundred percent or sixty percent year on year. So just seeing other members do that it became very clear to me that it was totally possible.”

-Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, Personal Injury Attorney, Atlanta, GA

Here is what we will cover in our weekly phone sessions:

  • Week 1- Getting Started With Your Business Plan - We introduce our concept- "School is never out for high-performers". You‘ll learn about the 7 Main Parts of a Successful Law Firm, as well as the 6 Stages of Growth. You’ll also finish week 1 with a compelling MAGIC STATEMENT that instantly communicates your value to your ideal client.
  • Week 2- Financial Model and Menu of Services - In this session, we will work together to connect your menu of services with your financial goals in order to create the lifestyle you want. We will explain the key metrics you must understand that are critical to reaching your goals, including net profit, gross profit, average case value, as well as what your conversion rate must be in order to stay on track.
  • Week 3- The Mindset of Sales- You will hear a mindset intensive on "Rich vs. Broke"- We‘ll discuss the mindset of sales and provide you with a script to use in EVERY sales meeting. Finally, we’ll go over what G.A.S. calls are why they are SO important to your business!
  • Week 4- Bringing it all Together - Week 4 is our LIVE, FREE, in-person week, and we‘re going to tie together everything we’ve learned so far. We will bring it all back to the 7 Main Parts of Your Law Firm, focusing on YOU, FINANCIALS, and SALES. At the live event, you’ll get all of the following:
    • A thorough deep dive into all 7 of the main parts of a law firm.
    • One-on-one help from our advisors to create your individual business plan, focusing on each of these 7 parts
    • Access to part of the Live Quarterly Meeting that is typically for members only.
    • Time to network and meet other entrepreneurial attorneys, who could become some of your brightest peers & best referral sources.

*Each weekly session is accompanied by a workbook that you’ll download shortly before the session begins. Use the workbook to take notes and complete your homework assignment for the week.

water jug sprinkling water
a plant in a pot

Remember that this is a unique opportunity to meet with us in person and to experience our HTM community at no extra cost!


A chance to work with us in person to review, revisit, revise, update, and explore all the opportunities you probably don’t even realize you have right now to dramatically grow your business.

You won’t want to miss it!


We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

(insert Marlon Brando’s voice here).

After these 4 weeks you’ll be “on fire” and ready to take your business to a whole new level. Once you get a taste for what this is all about and can see all the possibilities that await you, your only regret will be that you didn’t find us sooner.

BUT. We are lawyers too. So we know that you are probably a discerning investor.

happy successful lawyers learning and sharing at htm live quarterly meeting event
100% money back guarantee

That’s why this offer is backed by our 100% Money-Back GuaranteeAttend the first two sessions. If after Week 2, you feel the 4-Week Intensive, Law Firm Business Plan Boot Camp is not the right program for you, we’ll refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked!

That’s how confident we are that this will be a game-changer for you.

Sara Khaki headshot

“You’re not going to join this and hope that in 12 months you have a 7-figure firm. This is not a magic pill. You’re gonna work harder than you ever have before but you’re going to work harder on the smart things or the things that are going to drive you forward and move you forward and not just grinding and getting nowhere.”

-Sara Khaki, Social Security & Family Law Attorney, Atlanta, GA

photo of a group of happy successful lawyer learning and sharing together at an htm live quarterly meeting event


Q: I’m only in the beginning stages, is this for me?

A: It’s not only for you, it’s vital to you. This is your ticket to fast-tracking your growth and by-passing the headaches that befall most solos who try to start up without help.

Q: I’ve already been in business for a while, I’m just stuck. Will this help?

A: YES! Odds are you’ve been doing things the hard way and are suffering from business owner blindness! In the hectic pace of trying to make things work, there are likely leaks in your system you haven’t noticed. This program will give you a plan to spot and fix your money drains and set you up for scaling efficiently!

Q: Is it worth attending the LIVE graduation program in Phoenix on January 24th and 25th?

A: Absolutely! Not only will you participate in special events designed just for you and your classmates, and meet with our team, you’ll also get the opportunity to spend the weekend with hundreds of other successful lawyer entrepreneurs that are meeting their personal and professional goals.

This will be the most moving and eventful weekend of your career, and you’ll leave energized and ready to face any challenge!

hit the target
start the race with an advantage
clear obstacles

Q: Cash is tight, can I be sure this is the best use of my resources right now?

A: We understand cash is tight, if it weren’t you wouldn’t be considering this program. Knowing when to invest is just as important as what you invest in. There’s no better time, and there’s no better investment.

And don’t forget the Simple 100% Money-Back Guarantee — Attend the first two sessions. If after Week 2, you feel the Law Firm Business Plan Boot Camp is not the right program for you, we’ll refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked! This is a RISK- FREE offer for you.

Q: What does The 4-Week Intensive Law Firm Business Plan Boot Camp cost?

This 4-week program is $997. Think about it:

A:  That’s less than $250 per week that you’re investing in yourself and your law firm. If you’re not worth $250 per week, who is?

But, here’s the best part: Since the program is starting on January 7th, and you’ve got to make a quick commitment, we’ve reduced your cost to $597, that’s less than $150 per week

Michael Cohen headshot

The best thing I did was create systems so that I could offload the burden of everything that I was carrying on my own shoulders and develop a team.

This program has brought out incredible richness within myself, and not only monetary riches but also inner riches. Part of that comes from the freedom of not having to carry everything all the time.

-Michael Cohen, Healthcare Attorney, Palo Alto, CA

If you:

  • Have been working long hours in your practice and yet haven’t been able to get to the next revenue level

  • Have been struggling to figure out where all your time goes, or you’re simply overwhelmed with the amount of work and problems your law firm has every single day…
  • Are starting to feel that the decision to own your own firm has taken you farther away from freedom

  • Are ready to fix it once and for all and set yourself up for growth and sustainable success…
jet boost your way to success

Then The Law Firm Business Plan Boot Camp is the program for you.

But you need to act fast!

The program starts on January 7th, and space is limited. We’re only admitting a small number of participants in this program so we can focus on the specific needs of the group and give you the customized help and personal attention you need and deserve.

What have you got to lose? Your financial investment is backed by our simple 100% Money-Back Guarantee and in just four short weeks you’ll be on the path to revenue growth.

We’ve helped hundreds of people, just like you, build businesses they love.

Businesses that feed them and support their personal and financial goals. And we do it by teaching the same principles that the world’s most successful lawyers have been using for decades!

P.S. The Program Runs January 7th to January 25th

Sign-up today to secure your spot .

There is no reason to spend one more day doing it the hard way.

Get in the bootcamp and put the wheels in motion to get the results you want.

In just 4 weeks.

Join the ranks of successful small law firm owners who took control, made a plan and cracked the code on growing a profitable firm.

What do you say?

wait sign

We get it.

Even though we’re offering our 5-Week Bootcamp for FREE to anyone who plays all-in, you might still have some questions.

If so, schedule a complimentary Q & A call with our team. No strings attached!

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