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Two Group Coaching Calls With Our Team – This is an open Q&A where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about getting more clients, marketing, staffing, – basically anything you need to GROW. On these calls, I’ll coach you on the “Seven Parts of a Law Firm” where I will help you manage your law firm to create greater profitability, increase in clients, managing (or hiring) staff to keep up with your newfound growth, developing your physical plant and get you marketing tools that actually work!

7 parts of a successful law firm

A Leadership Library of a carefully curated collection of lessons and exercises with assignments and all the necessary tools you’ll need to make meaningful progress and see tangible improvements in different parts of your law firm as fast as possible.

How to Manage Digital Dashboard – “Happy Lawyers Make More Money!” This dashboard will give you a working tool that you can use to track your mindset and see where the money is going in your law firm. This trademark dashboard will equip you to make more money and see how to increase your profitability in a way that matches the lifestyle you want to live.

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  • The 7 main parts of every successful law firm and how to maximize profit at each one
  • The secret to triggering more referrals and keeping your pipeline full of ideal leads
  • How to build a marketing machine that generates revenue every month
  • Mindset and leadership libraries built to help you cultivate the mind of a successful 6 or 7-figure law firm owner
  • Masterclass on how we went from $70k to $7Million
  • Every Business Mastery Retreat, as well as every Workshop Intensive we’ve ever done- including Million Dollar Club Calls, Master Classes Sessions, Business Momentum Sessions and Podcast interviews and courses
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2020 took us on a rollercoaster of unpredictability.
But what we CAN predict is that law firm owners who have a PLAN and a solid foundation are going to fare far better in 2021 than those who don’t.
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