How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm is a fast-growing and highly-entrepreneurial business management, personal development and coaching company, specializing in solo and small law firms. Inc. Magazine has named How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm to its list of the 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States in 2015 and 2016 – 10th fastest in Miami. We are very much a “start-up” with a fast-paced growth focused environment.


You will function as a practice management advisor, coach, confidant, leader, guide and mentor for up to 50 owners of solo law firms who are already enrolled in our program(s). You will be part of a 3 person team consisting of yourself and up to two other team members who help our clients address different parts of their business.

Owners of large law firms have the benefit of a Chief Operating Officer to drive the creation, review and continual improvement of the law firm’s key internal policies, external policies and operational systems, processes and procedures.

Solo and small law firm owners benefit greatly when we provide them with similar assistance with building infrastructure as they grow their firm. We provide that assistance as their outside COO.

It will be your job to support your coaching team leader and serve as a guide to the clients who are assigned to your team, as they navigate our curriculum, ascending up and through our various programs, which guide a solo law firm from start-up to 7 figures of revenue.

More specifically, it will be your job to use our methods combined with your own life-experience, creativity and intelligence to understand and help each of our clients understand, articulate and document practical procedures, processes and policies for their staff to use to make their law firm run more like a machine and less like a insane asylum.


A. Perform an audit to determine and document the initial condition of the client’s firm in terms of problems being caused by broken or non-existent policies, systems and procedures;

B. Establish a set of priorities and a plan to fill gaps and make improvements to the way the firm gets work done while also staying consistent with the instructions from the Firm’s outside CEO;

C. Teach certain “best practices” around the subject procedures, policies, or systems coming up for attention that month, discuss options and proposed solutions with the client and then prepare DRAFT policies, systems and procedures together with recommended action items for implementation.

D. Meet with each client assigned to you each month (typically by telephone or GoToMeeting) to support them in the implementation of their new processes, procedures and policies each month.

It will further be your job to measure progress, hold our clients accountable for taking required action(s) to improve their situation and when necessary kick some ass or else elevate their case to your Lead Coach in the event that reasonable progress is not being made within our curriculum and against our standards.

Each quarter our firm focuses on a different topic which is introduced during a live meeting held in a different location around the Country, for all of our clients. You will be expected to attend these meetings each quarter in order to maintain close connections with the clients assigned to you, keep yourself apprised of what we are teaching them, learn all the inside jokes and nuances that keep this community of highly-entrepreneurial lawyers tightly-bound. You will also be expected to attends weekly team meetings by telephone for ongoing training, education and to discuss and hear being discussed any “problem cases” you need to remain aware of.

These weekly team telephone and quarterly live meetings for the team which take place in conjunction with the larger meeting for all our clients, are an important part of our company’s culture because you’ll mostly be working with your assigned clients from your own home office via telephone, email, web, etc.

Your job is to support our clients in their matriculation through our program, document and problem-solve with them along the way. You will share resources from our library and from your own years of real-world experience. You will measure assigned-client-progress and hold assigned clients accountable for taking positive actions in the direction of their stated goals. Your compensation will be positively-affected by the success of our clients assigned to you.

Your compensation will be positively-affected by your willingness and ability to think outside the box (we hate that cliché too but it fits) and effectively communicate any potential problems or opportunities to your Lead Coach in-time for corrective action to help the client(s).

Some of the stated goals of our coaching program which it will be your job to support, are to help our clients increase their revenues, profitability, reduce their average number of hours in the office and convert their law firm from being a job and into an actual business that can function without their physical presence on a day-to-day basis.

This may include investing your own time to learn and become and remain familiar with our program content, curriculum, resources and unique but proven approaches to solo and small law firm management and growth. What we teach our clients is highly-ethical, professional and highly profitable but it often runs contrary to “conventional wisdom”.

This can be the best job you ever had or the most frustrating depending on your flexibility, team-spirit, commitment to our clients and your realistic expectations about what it’s like to work in a fast-paced growing business.

The position will be expected to carry a coaching load of up to 60 attorneys who each receive a one hour individual scheduled coaching call per month (in some cases an additional coaching call monthly may be needed in the judgment of the coach to further the action for the client). Your income will be positively-affected by client retention.

Additionally, individual emergency laser coaching calls (usually 15 minutes or less) as needed should the client experience emergencies, respond to unlimited emails from your assigned clients and respond to postings on the discussion board from all program clients as appropriate.

Finally, attend quarterly live weekend seminars in selected cities 2 to 4 times per year and make a contribution from time-to-time as appropriate.


• Provide individual coaching to your assigned clients a minimum of one hour per month by phone with an additional 2 hours of time budgeted for customizing certain policies and procedures and answering questions per assigned client.
• Respond to phone calls from clients in less than 24 hours M-F
• Respond to emails from clients in less than 24 hours M-F
• Review client discussion forum M-F and post as appropriate
• Participate in training and development calls as scheduled to improve you skill set, share your skill set and be able to deliver the same message to the client base as intended in the company curriculum
• Keep detailed notes on your coaching contacts with clients to document their progress, issues, advice, etc. and use our software program to document this in case you get hit by a bus just like you would want if another member of the team got hit by a bus and it was you that had to take over their caseload
• Lead/facilitate/participate in group conference calls/webinars as requested from time to time in areas you have particular expertise
• Provide reports on progress of your assigned clients to your Lead Coach.
• Provide individual 9 Month Evaluation Reports to Clients.
• Make available coaching times for clients that will include some after 5pm time slots to accommodate client needs especially clients in different time zones.
• Contribute to the knowledge base of the firm including any or all of the following: write an article, develop a tool or system to share with the clients, create a process, document an explanation, conduct a lesson by teleconference, perform an interpretive dance, etc. (We welcome and encourage creativity – just make a contribution)


• Most importantly, you should have practical, hands-on experience with the start-up, management and growth of a small business, preferably a small law firm.
• Ideally you have already read and are a big fan of “The E-myth Revisited”
• Demonstrate practical understanding of what makes a law firm “tick”.
• Be able to demonstrate credible evidence that you are a person who is capable of helping another human being to do what they probably don’t want to do, in order to accomplish what they really do want to accomplish.
• Demonstrate practical understanding of internal policies, external policies, procedures and systems.
• Experience systemizing a business in terms of Marketing, Sales, Production, People, Physical Plant, Metrics and Money.


• Self Starter/Responsible/Work Independently
• Diplomatic/Tactful but bossy when you need to be
• Inquisitive
• Assertive
• Non-judgmental
• Flexible
• Problem Solving and Analytical Ability
• Communication Skills
• Sociable
• Willing to hold attorneys accountable to their goals
• Tolerance for ambiguity
• Comfortable working in a growth environment


We are less concerned with how many years of practical experience you have than we are with how many experiences you have gained and mastered during those years.


Problem solving, listening skills, alignment with core philosophy, detail oriented, systematic, creative, good-natured, emotionally-secure, patient, optimistic, flexible, knows when to lead and when to follow.  These are all adjectives and terms that describe our ideal candidate.


Your compensation will be based on the number of clients you are coaching and how you help them perform. Target compensation is $140,000 plus full medical and 401K.


The potential to create, develop, and make additional compensation with our company is limitless. When you identify an opportunity for a workshop or a program that can help our clients grow their businesses, then we will work with you to create, develop, and deliver it to our clients with you being credited and paid for the new offering.


Please submit your resume with your name spelled backwards + COO in the subject line to Recruiting@HowToManageASmallLawFirm.com.  In the body of the email please explain in a few words why you think we would ask you to write a blog post about a short story entitled “A Message To Garcia”. Resumes that appear to meet our qualifications will move to the second round which involves a short quiz before interviews.