Wendy Witt
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor
Pennsylvania License No. 77349
Florida License No. 23271

While Wendy was pregnant with her third child, she researched the law so that she could protect her own family…from an “undesirable” relative…do you have any of those? She had to protect her babies – and – once she knew how to do that, she also knew she had to help protect other families as well. So, she joined the law firm (where she did her own planning) and practiced estate planning law for 15+ years, protecting families like yours.

Realizing she could exponentially impact more families if she coached other attorneys to grow their own law businesses, Wendy took on the role of Legal Marketing Mentor, mentoring over 8,000 attorneys. She served on Wealth Counsel’s senior executive team and was responsible for the design, development, and implementation of all of Wealth Counsel’s practice development, legal marketing, and practice management programs and benefits.

Serving as a How to Manage a Small Law Firm’s Fractional Managing Partner, Wendy teaches solo and small firm attorneys to think entrepreneurially and implement the 7 pillars of a successful business, empowering them to create the law firm and life they love. Wendy’s mission is to create happy, healthy, successful attorneys who love their clients, law firm, and life. Happy lawyers do more good in the world than unhappy lawyers; and, she’s happier when she can be part of those good works.

Wendy lives in Pittsburgh with her family, a magical orange cat, and the best dog ever, Sadie Sue.

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